Welcome to the CCM Modding Wiki

This will be the wiki space for all of CMM's mods!

Anyone is welcome to edit and improve our wiki!

Everything is currently VERY WIP.

Current Members

Claycorp - Owner/Organizer of CCM Modding. (Core Member)

Captian_Shadows - Head of code. Created Nucleum-Omnium. (Core Member)

Morton00000 (Morton) - Textures,Ideas and code. (Core Member)

Dries007 - Death Timer/Info. Packet Master.

Special Thanks



Nucleum Omnium


Death Timer



Perfect Armor


Tube Tech

Mod-Packs, Forks and Mod-Listings.

The following rules and obligations are subject to change at ANY TIME and privliages/use CAN be revoked at ANY TIME by the Dev(s)!

They also apply to ALL CURRENT and FUTURE mods created by CCM Modding. If you have any questions contact Claycorp, Captain_Shadows or Morton in #CCM on If needed Contact claycorp via email


CCM Mods are available for ANY mod pack to use ONLY if you make NOTHING off the distribution of the mod(s).


If you want to work on any CCM mods or edit/change them in any way whatsoever that is perfectly fine as long as you follow these conditions:

1. DO NOT change the name of it and keep all other things the same.  

2. DO NOT change the name of it and some(or all) textures (That would be a Texture Pack which would not need to change any names) 

3. DO NOT add your name into ANYTHING unless YOU made it, changing most of the code of a class doesn't make them yours.  

4. DO NOT copy all of ANY CCM mod then upload it to any website and say that You made it.  

4. If you compile a CCM mod You CAN NOT name it or distribute it as ANYTHING that is NOT the approriate name given by the CCM devs. (The version number)-NotOriginal.jar Also you MUST include a Link in some way to the CCM Github.

6. You CAN NOT take a CCM mod and make any money off of it by re-branding it. It's not fair to you us or anyone else if your found doing this, we have every right to say something to anyone using/editing the "Mod you created". 

7. You CAN use any part of CCM code for:                                

a. Your own mod (As long as credit is given).  

b. As a learning tool.  

Mod Listings.

DO NOT post our mod on any other "Listing" Site,Forum, or any other options without approval from CLAYCORP!

Any posts that are NOT approved by claycorp will be REMOVED IMMEDIATELY! We are doing this to protect our end users and stop people from trying to make money or create malicious copies/links! We provide the option for you to SUPPORT us! We will NEVER force ANYONE to use an adfly or any other revenue generating sites/programs!!

If you have any questions contact Claycorp, Captain_Shadows or Morton in #CCM on